Make sure you know how to isolate the tank’s oil supply in order to quickly shut off the oil flow in the event of a problem. You will usually spot the isolation valve near the tank’s outlet.

Check your tank and its surrounding area for dead grass or plants, sodden ground and other signs of a leak. If there are signs of this, you may have a leak which needs to be dealt with immediately. Call COTS for action.

Restrict access to getting anywhere near the tank by locking all gates and having bushes around the boundary of your land, and have some form of additional gate around your oil tank making sure make sure you are leaving the recommended distance of 600mm.

If you aren’t present when your fuel is delivered make sure that you disable all security devices and leave access points unlocked so that the supplier can refill your tank.
Enable them and lock them back up after the delivery has taken place!

If you have an AGA or Rayburn check with your AGA supplier if you need an additive to help the oil burn!

It is a good idea to order about ¾ of your tank’s capacity to allow for any remaining stock of oil in your tank. Alternatively, Ackerman & Niece offer a “top up service” which means they will fill you tank at appropriate times to prevent you running out.

It is important that you don’t ever ignore any advice from your fuel supplier on the condition of the tank or the access; as if the issue isn’t resolved they may refuse to deliver. Call COTS for a tank inspection ASAP, we will do all we can to help.

Oil spill kits including sorbent granules, spill pads, drains blockers and leak sealing putty are readily available from most industrial supply companies and online. Your local fuel distributor may also sell them.

Do not put your heating on for any periods longer than necessary by using the timer system on your boiler/burner. Also, make sure you keep building doors closed where possible to prevent heat escaping.

Final Top Tip!
If you have any queries regarding oil tanks in general please call COTS on 07799 643 455, we will be able to help.