What should I do if my oil tank starts to leak?
We offer 24 hour emergency call out so call us immediately on 07799 643455 and we will arrange to pump it out as soon as possible. We will also provide advice on how to stem the flow to minimise pollution.

How long does a tank changeover take?
We determine how long a job will take when we come and complete a comprehensive site visit. As a rough guide a straight forward replacement can take as little as 3-4 hours, while a tank move can take up to 4 days, e.g. if a new base is required. But please don’t worry, you won’t be left without heating or hot water because we can install a temporary tank whilst the new base is curing.

What short of tank should I choose?
The majority of our changeovers are bunded tanks, but not all domestic oil tanks need to be bunded. During our site visit we will carry out an OFTEC TI/133D risk assessment to determine if you are legally required to have a bunded tank fitted and can discuss all of the options available to you.

If I need a new base is concrete essential?
Tanks can be installed on paving slabs but if the slabs are moved, e.g. by a tree root, they might damage the underside of the tank and invalidate the tank’s warranty. We prefer to install concrete bases as we believe that the base should last for the life of the tank.

Do I need to use up the fuel in my existing tank before you can change it?
No, in fact we prefer you to have fuel in your old tank (at least 500 litres) as this ensures we can bleed through the pipework to the boiler and it allows us to check the connections. If you run the tank right down there is a risk that sludge might be drawn into the pipework and pump, resulting in costly repair bills for your boiler.

Will I lose any oil when my tank is changed?
Once we have checked the pipework and connections we will pump the oil out of your tank, removing any dirty oil, and store any clean oil in an IVC while we complete the job. At the end of the job we will pump back in any clean oil.

How do you dispose of old tanks?
We are licensed by the Environment Agency as waste carriers, so can legally transport tanks to a licensed waste disposal site. We work with a number of licensed sites and use duty of care paperwork to ensure compliance with waste regulations.

Will I be without heating or hot water when my tank is replaced?
No. If your changeover is scheduled over a few days we will install a temporary tank whilst the new base is curing.

Do you only replace and install oil tanks?
Not at all. We also supply and install water tanks, replace pipe work and filters, carry out annual tank inspections, clean tanks, pressure test underground fuel lines, transfer fuel and bleed through pipework after a fuel run out, and much more depending on our clients’ needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your query has not been answered above, or if you would like to discuss arranging a site visit.